What we do

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As stand-alone or in support of evaluations, we conduct

Base & end-line studies, feasibility studies, situation assessments, operational research


  • Population-based household surveys
  • Health facility-based surveys
  • Qualitative research tools
  • Database/statistical analysis
  • Literature and desk-based review

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Design and develop programs/projects

We provide technical assistance to the design and development of public health programs and projects, including the use of

  • Problem tree analysis
  • Logical framework approach
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • triple aim analysis
  • other

Scan organisations & appraise programs

We appraise the feasibility of health programs and projects.

We scan organisations for optimal performance in terms of management and structure.

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Change management

We assist health organizations and governments in their move towards organizational, managerial and technical efficiency and effectiveness.

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Capacity building

We provide capacity building in the form of

  • workshops
  • training courses
  • on-the-job training

Health information systems

We evaluate and design

  • Health Management Information Systems, including
  • DHIS and other (electronic) monitoring systems
  • Monitoring dashboards & visualization techniques

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Evaluation & monitoring

We conduct health policy and program evaluations and monitor progres,  evidence-based

  • Annual reviews
  • Mid- and end-term reviews
  • Before-after studies
  • Trend analysis

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Policy and strategic plans

We provide evidence-based health policy and strategic advice and recommendations at the national, regional and local level, in the form of

  • Policy briefs
  • Lessons learned
  • Future scenarios