Change management

Change management

Development in health care – as in other areas – is influenced by the very important human resource ‘building block’ (WHO);  not only in terms of the availability of skilled manpower but also determined by how health workers interact and are organized. Our experience is that while providing technical assistance to organizations and governments, we often observe that underlying system-related factors play an important role in the success of  program and organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. These system determinants include organizational factors (management, structure, capacity) and contextual factors (stakeholders and donors, and broader political, economic, social, and cultural contexts).

We complement our specific technical expertise by assisting health organizations and governments in their move towards organizational, managerial and technical efficiency and effectiveness.  In this change process, we help to identify sometimes deeply rooted causes of non-optimal performance in systems and organizations. We do this by:

  • appraising systems and organizations and making appropriate scans
  • advising on possible change management processes in a participative manner
  • monitoring and providing feedback on these change management processes in time

We use a selection of change management tools, e.g. see change-management (toolshero).  In collaboration with the direct stakeholders, we apply the most appropriate tools for the situation.

Our intention is to embed change management into the Terms of Reference of our assignments, thus to ensure that technical assistance in any of our working areas will be grounded in changes that are deemed necessary by counterparts, donors, and other stakeholders.